“I follow
I walk the trail
Of my shadow
It walks ahead
Leading away
From the light
Darkness walks beside me”

I am totally in my own space when Dark Sun Aeons Tuomas dark vocals and Mikkos clean vocals melts together in the line “darkness walks beside me” and makes me have an explosive mental orgasm. Combined with probably one of the most powerful music composions I have ever heard – I can`t have enough of this song. No doubt this is high skilled musicians!

The song starts nicely with guitars that steals your attention, gets company of a piano after 43 seconds and start talking to your soul.  It all makes promises of further great seduction. And it don`t disappoint. The music keeps building up and up and letting you have one mental escape after the other.

“A song for my funeral” is taken from Black Sun Aeon`s  debut album; Darkness walks beside me(and this band is in my opinion the best new band in the genre “Doom Metal.”)

So why I react the way I do on this music – this band? Black Sun Aeon want to tell us something. And they do it by playing on our emotions. And they do it really well.

The music is loaded with emotions. And the strings inside you, the strings you maybe had forgotten, becomes exposed and make you feel the whole scale of emotions. This is fucking brilliant.

I don`t know what it is with Scandinavia and especially Finland that gives birth to one awesome group after the other. Maybe it has to do with the winter time we have here, more time to make music *lol*

What I do know is that it don`t stop here.

Black Sun Aeon has released a double album after “Darkness walks beside me” called “Routa”  

This I found online:

“The hardest winter in Finland in 40 years gave the best conditions to create my first theme album about this dark, cold but still very beautiful seasons that is one of the biggest influences in Finnish metal music in the melancholy side in my opinion. -40 degrees and 2 meters of snow in the worst areas gives a pretty good picture why Finnish men in music sometimes sound a bit gloomy.

I got a bit carried out with the whole idea and ended up writing a double album since there was simply way too much material for one album. Also I wanted to divide the theme a bit and named the 1st disc as Talviaamu (=winter morning) and I wanted to paint a landscape of a majestic view with snow and ice, frozen forest and sun rising in horizon and so that album turned out very beautiful, massive, melodic and melancholic.

The 2nd disc Talviyö (=winter night) is as cold, dark, gloomy and cruel as a winter night in Finland can be. The albums differ from each others like a night and day but still tell the same story. The story of winter.

-Tuomas / Black Sun Aeon-

To be honest, the album really captures the essence of winter and ice. It is just to take the hat off and bow to this intense and dark, but yet so extreme beautiful music.

When music makes your body hair stand straight up, the music has soul.