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”Grow as a human being!” The Norwegian writer Tomas Espedals words. “In the choosing between easy and difficult solutions, I always have to choose the difficult ones. Always! That`s why I end up in different places than I thought I would. Everything gets bigger. I get bigger.” Espedal takes a deep breath before he continues: “In the moment life gets smaller, you close yourself, and you don`t see the world as it is. The world is huge. And complex.”

His words made me stop for a while and reflect a little. Just think about it; the things that scares you, do you avoid it – or do you face it and grow as a person?

I have been around long enough to know that many successful persons have done exactly what they fear the most. Used the fear as a “goal.” What they are afraid of they do, and what feels safe and predictable – they avoid. It can seem like the smartest and safest thing to choose the easy solution, but then again – you will opt out challenges. This don`t allow us to grow as human beings and expand our knowledge.

Some of us tend to gain followers by spreading what I will call a false sense of safety.  Many times it is well educated people who spreads a total irrational fear of what can happen if you don`t follow the safe path.

It can be the psychiatrist who says his patients has to use pills over a very long period because of a mental disorder. Because that is easier, than to use the fear as a goal – to grow as a human being. It`s easier to use pills, than to try to understand that some people are more sensitive and maybe functions in a different way than it is “normal” to do. What is normal anyway?

How many people are on anxiety pills? It is a lot of people. That is a scary fact. And a trend I really hope will turn around.

DumDum Boys does have a song with this line in it: “Det finnes ikke piller mot møkkete vann”(It don`t exist pills against polluted water)

Not now maybe, not against oil spill and chemical stuff. But maybe one day there will be. Drop one in the ocean and it will be clean again. That’s what we like to believe. Take one pill and it will all go away. Taking the easy solution. Instead of facing the problem, the fear. And grow as both mankind and human.