The Blue Hour.
The time of the day when light fades slowly away and gives room for the dark. Before the stars grants us their sparkling light –  and if you look close enough –  colourful games on the black sky.

When the light and the dark melts into each other, embracing, loving, welcoming and saying goodbye. One has finished its purpose, brought light, life and growth; time for the other to calm everything down, sing its lullaby and kiss you goodnight.
The blue hour is the time of the day when you goes out, breathes the fresh air and listen to the nature with your entire body and mind.

You know how you focus when speaking with a loved one on telephone and there is a bad connection? You use all of your senses – bodily and mentaly to recieve. This is what I mean when I say “listen to the nature with both body and mind”.
Time for afterthought and reflection.


It`s not the best quality on these pictures. Was standing outside in -25 degrees for over an hour, trying to get the right light. And with a lousy camera, but still – I got these pics.



And the full moon …


At the time of the full moon, it is almost as if a door suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands closed.

Through that door, ingress is possible. Through that door or opening, energies can be contacted which are otherwise shut off.

And through that door, approaches can be made to a reality which are at other times not possible.

These pictures where taken by me January 19 2011
And if you wonder when your Blue Hour is, check the link below: