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I don’t know the things you might hate about me. When you are mad, tell me. I’m quite insensitive but I am TOO sensitive as well. If I talk too much, stop me. If I don`t speak at all, wake me up. When you’re not sure about what I say, ask me and I will  repeat it. When I cry, don’t wipe my tears away, cry with me as the way you would laugh when I laugh, as the way you would fall down when I fall. When I sprain my ankle, bring me to the hospital, but I will drive the car.

Tell me your dreams and we’ will dream together. We will do things together, we will do better. Be the spoon, I will be the fork. Be the bee, I will be the hive. Be the saint and I am the sinner. But if somehow you  never be a saint, then I will sin with you.

 I start wars, fires that damage eternity. Bear with me… especially, in time when I don’t understand myself. I wouldn’t look in your eyes when I am sorry, I wouldn’t show I am sincere… but it’s locked down my heart begging for forgiveness.

I seem to kill you but discover that something in me dies gently as well. I am the boss but deep down –  I am enslaved.  I try to be old, but, of course, I still am a child.

If you love me, tell me. Nothing beats it. I will stay when you go. If you go and you wanted me to wait for you, tell me. I am sure it’s worth the wait, once your back. If I’ will go, don’t follow and search for me. Find love and be in love. If I realize that it’s wrong leaving you, I will find my way back. I will do everything in my power to have you back. If it`s not worth it, never risk another chance, move on… let go… give up.

 I bring accidents, bad lucks, and fire. I bring joy, happiness and pleasure. I am both light and darkness.  But I hope, at some point these things are perfect for you. Well,  after all the tragedies of life… and we still MATCH. You are the one for me, I am destinied to be with you.