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“I suggest you start with telling the truth. Honesty is the key to everything.”  The words stood there on my screen, mocking me and created a gut feeling that was everything else than good. These words had come often lately. Too often in fact. To the point I realized it was not me who should start to talk the truth, but the person I was talking with.

I was right in my suspicions after all.

When someone repeatedly says the same thing – over and over again – it is an attempt to make you believe something. And to place focus on you, and not on him/her.

I stopped for a while. Thinking. What is this person trying to acchieve?  Will I steer my boat on the way that lead to this “Oh So Shinging Bright, but Fake Star?” Or will I direct it to another star? A smaller, but a pure one? Going my own way?

“You see, I am much more mature and have a higher intelligence than you. I have lots of experience.”

I still didnt say anything. But I laughed in silence.The sentences kept coming. And as they came, I knew the person tried to place his own guilt, shame and insecurity on me. Trying to make it mine.

Listen my friend
It is astonishing, for a person with your “matureness, intelligence and experience” to be so blind. To be so locked up in your predjudices and taking everything and every person for granted.
It is astonishing, that you with your “matureness, intelligence and experience” look and what you see becomes a reality to you.
It is astonishing,that you with your “matureness, intelligence and experience” that after taking one look at an image, you think you know who I am.
It is astonishing that you with your “matureness, intelligence and experience” keep complaing over having no friends and dont understand why.
It is astonishing, that you with your “matureness, intelligence and experience” dont see that there is other people out there who sees through your lies, deceits and stupidity.
Like me. Who is mature. Intelligent. And who has experience – from real life.

No. My boat is going to another star. My boat may waver a bit now and then, but at least my boat is on a steady course.

I have seen the future, I have seen the stars and the universe and I have seen how magnificent it is going to be. I wish you could see it. I wish you could see it too … cause then you will know how small you have made your life.