Anyone who has been a child, is yearning back to the perfect summer day.
A day when you were just big enough, just strong enough and  just tired enough
after the final bath of the day.

A day when the sun almost would not let go of the shining sea, but painted it in
orange and then dark red with purple shadows and the small waves after a wooden boat slowly gliding on the water.

A day when the sound of scattered seagulls followed you through the door and
disappered in the wet towel mom dried your hair with.

A day with supper at the kitchen table, and the bread tasted heavenly no matter what
you had on it. Blended with cold milk and warm salt water that suddenly gushed out
of your nose.

Anyone who has been a child is yearning back to the end of a perfect summer evening.
 Such a night when the only thing that was better than being naked was to put on a
newly washed pajamas, while you felt how smooth teeths can be.

A day when the goose pimples first laid down when dad wrapped the blanket around
your legs after reading absolutely ALL the pages in the Donald magazine.

Such a night as the kindest people in the world hugged you good night and smiled as
if you were the most important person on earth.

And then – everything became soft, smooth and just right in every way.

Such a night that smiles to you even when you are a grown up and knows that it is
not yours, but another happy childhood you are closing the bedroom door to.