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A divided tongue whispering
calling me from deep within
a voice so soft and seducing
am I awake – or is it a dream?

A smooth kiss beneath my ear
“Sshh my love, don`t say a word
why so afraid, wipe away your tear
let me in and I`ll show you my world”

“Face your fear my darling and I`ll
teach you about fire
cause you know I am pure filth
and that is what you desire”

The blade in the hands of mine
shivering as the lead moves near
“Go on my love and release the wine
all of your misery will disappear”

A poisened tongue has made me deaf and  blind
a voice and a touch sendt shivers down my spine
sparkling eyes and a laughter echoes in my mind
making the worlds explode as I release the wine

I face my fear and you`ll
teach me about fire
cause I know you are pure filth
and this is what I desire

My dark angel is inside me, we two are one
making promises, no more pain and misery
seducing my soul and  my dark angel won
Finally, I can sleep in this lost reality.

© Sirenia 2011