“How come you have not written more about yourself in your About section on your blog, Sirenia?” The question came in a mail from a friend of mine. Yes, how come I have not done that, besides writing the obvious?

I was out today for a little walk. A smooth wind made the yellow leafs on the trees to fall down and land infront of me. Autumn. Everywhere around me I can see sparkling colours and plants that are fading away. It is no sign of death, but rather a little greeting – we will meet again. Nature just has to rest for a while. The winter queen will come, cover it all in a white blanket and sing  her sweet lullaby, seducing everything to sleep and making promises of a new dawn. The spring will follow with its warmth and longer days, awakening everything up from the deep sleep and continue til summer –  where nature is fully alive and then – fall again.

Everything goes in seasons, all changes, always familiar but also something new each time.  And this is also the matter with me.

The truth is – I am still learning new things about me. Every day I discover new things. What makes me happy, what makes me sad, what completes me and what can destroy me.  So the “About” me is like the seasons. Always changing. I may like the darker side of music but I will forever love Pink Floyd.

My parents gave me a name with a great meaning (if you know then lucky you!) but I prefere you call me Sirenia. We are not familiar, so Sirenia it is.
I am old enough to know what I want and what I dont want. I am a part time writer, part time music composer,  but always dreamed of being a pilot in the Air Force. I sometimes ask myself, “how come I am not one?”. Then I remember, “Aah … yes. There is an obvious reason for that”.

I like words. I find it pleasant to express what I have inside me through poems, short stories and articles about everything and nothing. And when words are not enough, I go over to compose music and let the tunes do the talking. I am a lover of life. I am also a lover of the dark. I have been balancing between these two edges for many, many years – taking the best from both sides. However, when you take the best from both sides it always comes with something not so good. But this is how nature is. Everything has its backside and it is this you learn from.
On the other side, wisdom dont always comes with age. I believe some souls are more older, more wiser and more radiant from birth. Some are just born that way. Your soul might be much older and wiser than mine, even you maybe are much younger than me in age.

I got a little off track here. My point is that writing about me is not easy. I am in a constant change. Like everything -and everybody else.

This is my hometown


And this is the city I live in now – far from my own country. Time was finally ready.