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I have a good friend, Stelioswho is a very skilled photographer. I was looking over some of his photos and I came across this, among many, but there was something about this photo that caught my attention.

I was sitting for a long time, just looking at it, feeling it. The photo itself tells a story. Its up to us how we choose to interpret. At first glance – what we see becomes a reality to us. Without asking, talking, not even getting the slightest thought that something lies behind it all. Everything is not always what we see at first. Poor human kind. How easy we are.

I often get up early, sit out and have some coffe.  And sometimes, white ships of mist are being anchored in the morning, chasing night away and making room for a new dawn. They also bring the mighty gift of dreaming, remembering what happened, some time ago.

I was facing the most difficult part of my life. I was in and out of hospital for a long period of time. I didnt see it at first, but one by one, people withdraw. Some could not handle it, others didnt believe it.

Cause I didnt look sick. My condition was on the inside of body and not on the outside. Maybe it would have been easier if I have had my leg in bandages and needed help from crutches, then people would have seen that I was ill. Again – what we see becomes a reality to us. But what happens when an illness is invisible?

The one person who never left my side, the one who never let me down during this period is my best friend through many years. She visited me at the hospital. She brought me home to her and made me dinner with her family. She even bought me clothes when I needed that. I knew I could just pick up the phone, call her and I didnt have to say anything. She knew and understood. I didnt have to walk down that road alone.

Behind every face there is a soul. And that soul has a story. We can choose to look the other way and go on like nothing has happened. We can chose to believe what we see, no questions asked, no interferrence in our lives.

Or we can think twice, look beyond what the face is telling us and see the reflection of the soul in their eyes. Softly and gently move towards the persons inner fence and ask –  “how are you?” And be that someone to lean on – as my best friend was to me.

Photos © Stelios