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Right now I am at a point in life where I just will throw myself in the pouring water and see where it takes me. Float along and leave it to destiny.
At christmas I want to go ice skating on the lake near me at midnight – drink hot chocolate and look at the city that waves to me with its flickering lights in the silence of the night. Laugh and feel the joy warm even more than the hot drink. I want to make angels in the snow and make little lanterns of snowballs wich I put a candle in, light them up so they can cast a beautiful shine out on the snow in the dark evening.  Get the bubbling feeling of being a child again.
In the summer I want to go in the mountains. Both here and in another country. Clean air, mucsels that let me know they are glad over being used, far away from people. Admire the nature, see the history, lose my breath and get memories for life. Wake up incredible tired, bathe in little waters, live in harmony with the soul.
I want to learn to play chello. I want to go to concerts, go to the opera, getting seduced by the atmosphere there, feel and breathe it in with body, heart and soul.
 I want to live.
 And who knows – maybe I will go with someone I like.