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In ancient times, in a magic forest
deep underground in emerald caves
where there are no lies, no betrayals, no pain     
a beautiful fairy lived
dreaming of another world.
She dreamt about the stars in the sky, the warm breeze
and a kiss from the sun

Until one day the fairy tricked the others
and flied away from the deep caves
and the magical forest.
When she saw the sunrise, she got blind
and the sunbeams made her forget
– forget who she was and where she came from
She suffered greately of diseases and pain
– and she died.

But her fairy prince
always knew that she would return
Her soul of light would come back
and dance with his light
in another place
– in another time.

And he waited for her
deep underground in emerald caves
in the magic forest
Until he took his last breath
and fell into a deep sleep.
Waiting to be awakened
by his one and only beloved light …

© Sirenia 2011