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Where the wind blows over the top of high mountains
and the dancing trees cast shadows in the soft evening
where the mist rises from the valleys like blurry curtains
There, deep in the ground lies a forgotten wisdom awaiting

And as the desert birds circles in the air sendt from above
casting shadows and choking the light of a tale untold
 – mankind is kept deaf and blind with the words of a white dove
Leaving the path to paradise locked and forgotten deep within the soil

The time is passing by and buries the ancient lovely treasure
as humans are following the white wizard enslaved
The old path is forgotten along with the magic of nature
Who’ve left this world when the world was changed

The wind reveals the hidden gate and unlock the answer
 – as the melancholy tones is played on wooden flutes
I grieve of the wisdom of centuries you never will remember
frozen minds, bred to be deaf to the ancient tunes …

Copyright © Sirenia 2011