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Prophets tell while windstrings play
tales at dusk wich weave our lair
Listen up and dont forget to behave
be glad and greatful for your soon ending day

As the curtains go up and the sun lights our way
the chosen ones are dressed up for a great charade
there is justice for all in this masquerade
… but the wind will whisper if someone fail

Dont think, dont talk and dont feel
– by all means stay out of the way
follow the herd and keep going the wheel
There is no colours – there`s only grey

A beautiful but false kind of play
You learn the steps in life`s hard school
we all will act to our single last day
we all perform the dance of fools

So I bid you welcome to your life
where hysteria is coded into your soul
A big welcome to the world
a circus where the clowns are in control

Copyright © Sirenia 2011