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Do you really know
how you affect me
The way you say my name
the way you say sweet words
with a touch of rawness
Harmelss, innocent
yet arousing words

The sound of your voice
the rush of blood to
places with secret names
The ones we hide from all
exept our lovers
Becomes a fever in my blood

The power of the sweet
and forbidden unknown
is a mystery for us to explore
Makes the fever rush even more
to certain points in body
Screaming for attention

Images dances in my mind
leaving me gasping for air
It only carries me further
Making me want more
as I feel how I react on you

Reveal yourself to me
share your dreams with me
Am I in them?
Show me your fantasy
let yourself lose
Forget the rest as the moment
are here and now

Close your eyes for me
let my hand touch your skin
my finger follow your
fine line from chest to
belly button
and further down to
the warm and hot area
as I kiss you deeply
letting you know
how much I desire you

Whisper in your ear
little secrets
that will shock the
rest of the world
But not you and me
Let my lips caress you
and make you shiver
as I taste all of you
– make you beg for more

Take the chance and
be alone with me
Let me know all of you
lets move the limits
Say you will
and I will take you
to unknown heights
places you never been before
beyond your imagination

Falling into each other
as lips dance over naked skin
soflty and with intention
As my nails digs into your back
legs twisted into each other

Still, rough is what I crave of you
no restrains and no shame
Just you and me
riding the vawe and
finding pleasure
together in an erotic dance
This moment is ours
I love you
I desire you
I burn for you

Copyright Ā© Sirenia 2011