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Dear 2012

I am a fan of you already, even you have hardly started.
You started with colourful fireworks on a clear sky painted with shiny stars. Japanese sky lanterns were sailing majestic up in the air among the sparks from the fireworks like they were saying – believe it will happen, Sirenia. Believe – and your wishes will come through. A sign from you, 2012?

You continued to announce your arrival into the morning hours with loud sounds and bright colours on the black velvet sky.The japanese sky lanterns slowly disappered, waving goodbye with its flickering lights and saying: remember us, remember to believe …
And when you were sure everyone had accepted and embraced you, silence took over followed by a beautiful sunrise. You energy had setteled into us all and given us peace of mind.

I am also a fan of you because you are not 2011.The year where so many things happened. The year wich my neighbour city got bombed and killed many people. The year where a mad man went amok and slaughtered many youths in an island nearby. The year wich brought many changes into my life and at first it seemed to be difficult, but in the last half of the year, it all slowly turned into something good. It did bring someone into my life.
Maybe it was the end of many years of struggle, mess and a search for something deeper wich I didnt know what was, but now slowly start to come clear to me.

Sometimes bad things need to happen for the good things to take place. The great equilibrium. Without light, there will be no darkness. Without evil, the good will have no balance.

A wise man I know said to me recently that past is past. What has happened has happened. Embrace the moments and the present, and hope for the future. I used to have that philosophy myself, but somehow I had forgot it. I am very grateful for his reminding words to me.

I will take my reborn philosophy into this year and continue to follow my dreams. And it was this the japanese sky lanterns tried to tell me at your arrival, 2012. It was a message from you. Do you see why I am such a big fan of you already?

I believe deep in my heart and soul that you, 2012, is the start of the rest of my life in peace, love and happiness.

Β© Sirenia 2012