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Silence is all that can be heard
breath being held and then exhaled
when the card of death is turned
You think you have your destiny sealed?

The man meets her eyes nodding his head
while a smell of flowers comes with the breeze
The grim reaper is rarely a sign of dead
she says, but its not to be taken with ease

This card don`t call you out of game of life
it speaks of a major change in a situation
A circumstance that has gone too far, you need to keep it alive
the card of death tells about a coming action

Your firm is struggeling, has been for a while
A surprised expression settles on his face
How you know, he whispers a little hostile
the card she says, they never tell lies

He gets up and walks slowly to the door
Wait, her voice is soft like the wind
the smell of flowers embrace them both
Wait, she says – there is more

She looks at him with the ocean in her eyes
his body shivers and he notices the odour
There is someone here who says you got an ace
a man that loved flowers and passed away in 04

She hesitates for a while and then it comes; his name is Arthur
He leans against the wall and run his fingers through his hair
You have his wristwatch and his old sculpture, more like a figure
My father, he says caressing his wrist and stares out in the air

A solution that will change it all is coming in near future
you have thought of it, she says while a smile spreads on his face
The scent of flowers speaks of gaining and not of failure
– and this solution is, she continues, your secret ace

The man leaves the room and closes the door
She looks out the window drinking a cup of tea
The smell of flowers has faded away and is no more
And the woman, if you wondered, the woman – she is me.

Copyright © Sirenia 2012