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Deep in a forest, right between the trees
There runs a river, blue, and quite deep
In that river lies one thousand tears
Never to be frozen and never to sleep

In a vivid dream, between the spears
of ancient lies and old haunting fears
A smiling fairy is dancing in the air
with the sun`s rays woven into her hair

In my remains, my ashes, there is no soul
my soul flyed away, and it has one goal
To come to you in the soft velvet night
turn mourn into laughter and darkness to light

So when you see a river between the trees
carrying the fever red last summer leaves
And when you dream of a fairy dancing in the air
– giving you hope when life seems unfair

Dry your tears, you are never alone
I am in the picture, in the vision shown
Never to fade away, but to stand tall
I am forever. I am all.

Copyright © Sirenia 2012

Ok. I admit. I was a bit “gloomy” writing this one