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I once got a question – what is the best thing you know of?

It was like time stopped up. Many thoughts ran through my mind and also different emotions, like I had champagne in my veins and not blood.

It`s not only one thing I like, it`s so incredible many, so where to start?

The sense of companionship, humanism and justice is things I value.
People who knows what the important things in life are. People who with their mere precense fills the surroundings with warmth, safety and calmness. I like them.
I love those moments, when the joy is what counts and nothing else matters, and feel how the soul floats along. Almost like in a sonata by Satie, a poem by Dickinson – or a painting by DegΓ s.

I am seduced by music and art. Listening to music and feel how free your spirit can be, feel how high you can fly. And art that takes you away to distant and unknown shores. Like you get a glimpse into a world of the artist. Their secret little world and try to figure out what the artist are trying to tell you. What did he/she feel in the moment it was painted or the photo was taken? What does it make me feel?

I like the scent of flowers, dark chocolate that melts on my tongue, a cup of hot, strong black coffee. Bathe naked at night in the mid summer, walk barefoot in the grass covered with dew, tickling in the neck, kiss my lovers warm skin, bicycle in the autumn rain, laugh wild, make someone happy, make angels in the snow, smell the scent of my lovers neck, watch the curious and playful fox beneath my garden, the mother deer and her kid eating from my apple tree, the birds that bid me welcome with their cheerful songs in the morning, the fresh air, moon and stars. Looking up at the star painted sky at night and thinking that maybe, just maybe – in this exact moment – someone else is doing the same as me. I like books, many books. Eating a juicy watermelon on a hot summerday, watch the sunset from my garden and watch the sunrise on a balcony with someone special.

Personal warmth. Genuine people, lovely eyes, open eyes and minds, beautiful souls and warm hearts. To meet a person at home. Someone who is honest, open and maybe a bit weird. Someone who sees me, understands who I am and where I come from and who still, or maybe because of it, embraces me.

I like to be hugged. I love hugs. Welcome hugs, long time no see – hugs, hugs of a cheek wich has not been shaved for a couple of days and soft silky child hugs. Sometimes I get drawings from kids with hearts and flowers – and a hug. Then I think: this is the best I know of.

The ocean is beautiful. In particular, the Mediterranean because it is so blue. For me, blue is the colour of freedom. I can sit for hours and watch it. Feel how the relaxation and the peace spreads in my body. Heart rate goes down and the speed in my mind wich I struggle with now and then – it goes away. Listen to the sound of the waves that hits the beach. Salt water against skin that is warm from the sun …
Being on a boat in the Mediterranean, it sometimes happens that a dolphin follows you. I like dolphins.
Once I read a story about a dolphin who saved a boy from drowning in the Adriatic Sea. The boy had fallen overboard from his father’s boat and was about to disappear in the waves. Then the dolphin came and pushed the boy gently with his nose – up to the surface and towards the father.

There is something very special with good, warm stories. Such stories that brings joy and hope. I like them very much.
Sometimes I look at strangers and spin stories about them.
One day when I saw a couple in the 70`s coming out from the hairdresser. He helped her on with her coat, took her hand and held it tightly. They held hands down the street as teenagers who had just fallen in love, while they exchanged warm eye casts and secret smiles. They have secrets that are just theirs. It’s beautiful.

Enigmas, wonders and mysteries, shapes and colors, light and shadows, exiting textures and beautiful words. Poems.
I love to know that the world is full of miracles and great people. And some of them are in my sphere. I love people who is passionate about something and have consistency and commitment. I love my friends. The nature around me, the woods and mountains I visit, the lake I ice skate on. The special person in my life.

I have many things inside my heart. Many treasures. Each and every one of them are shining like diamonds. Valuable gifts that I have promised to handle with care. These treasures are the reason to my existence. Without them, I am nothing.

So what it all boils down to: the very best thing I know of – is love.

Have you asked yourself; what is the best thing you know of?