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I like to fly. More right to say, I like when we go in for landing.
There is something special about sitting by the window with a glass in hand and knowing that you are about to land at a new location. I look down at the city or place that I will soon walk around in. Looking at the lights of a city or a place that I know has great people, adventure, excitement and culture.
I think that there is something magical about every town, every place you visit. Whether it be work or pleasure that brings one to other locations. But you must also have the courage to offer some of yourself to experience this. The city or place is ready to give of themselves.
It’s up to me to conduct myself so that I can find the magic of the place.
This is what I think of when the sign with “fasten seat belts” are coming. I can`t wait.

I like the time before landing. They are magical.

You are a bit like an approach to an exotic location.
When I get to see you awake in the morning, I have some of the same feeling I have right before a plane is landing. I am enjoying the sight of your slow moves, hear your calm breath. Smell the fragrance of your warm skin. I know that in a little while you will open your glittering eyes, smile a bit lazy and say nice things only you can say when you wake up.
Things like, “so nice to see you my love”
And I know that I, on this day, am to experience new things, explore new places, travel further with you, in you.
I am about to experience happiness one more day.

I love you. You are magical.

© Sirenia 2012

This song is a favourite of mine, it is definately worth listening to.