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The music in my dreams – is music from another world, a world that is real, but wich exists beyond ours and sometimes touches our finest senses on some of us.
A world where all appearances – trees, glades, meadows, rivers is casting a warm light; and where a distant and heavenly music fills the air like sweet perfume.
A world populated by infinitely useful and protective beings of a shimmering light, communicating directly from one soul to another. In silence.
A world where the soul knows neither pain or sorrow, but is filled with a deep peace and an incredible joy.
A world that lies before and after, beside and behind our world and the awareness of which relieves humans fear of death.

And some of these beings; they are among us in this world. They are in the breeze and the water. Fire and earth.

When the wind sweeps across a field of grass and makes little ripples in it like a lake; in a field of grains – it makes waves like the sea itself. And suddenly turns up and chases the clouds in the sky like a flock of sheeps.

When the sea lovingly embraces the cliffs with wet kisses and then withdraw with a playful silent laughter and small streams that trickle in the woods carrying fever red leafs, telling that the season is changing.

When the sparks of the evening fire that gives the mighty gift of dreaming – and also give relief of something old and painful; to be buried into the ashes and be carried away on the wings of the wind with a distant song of the trees accompagnied with the scent of Hackberries and spread out on the soil. To fertilize the earth so life can grow again. And you look up from the fire and see the person that gives you peace, comfort and joy. Fear and doubts are gone. Nothing else matters.

They are everywhere and in everything.
To remind us that every story has an end. But in life every end is a new beginning.

© Sirenia 2012
Photo © Stelios Mpatz