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I am honored to say that Anil has nominated me for these two Awards. Thank you so much!
Your blog is a big inspiration to me and I don`t know how many times I have read your posts over and over again.

Thank you for letting me and all others into your mind, heart and soul, Anil.

The Sunshine Award

One Lovely Blog Award

I would like to pass these two awards over to the following blogs:

Graham – for sharing your thoughts and feelings in a way I relate MUCH to.

Francois Bergh – your poems touches me deep inside, never stop what you are doing.

Anil – what can I say? I can`t let you out, your blog is such a huge inspiration to me. Simply amazing.

Celeste – a woman and a blog I simply adore.

Tony – wich blog and words always makes me think twice.

Rumpydog – wich has given me many laughs and smiles!

George W Mahn III – it`s like you put a spell on me when I read your words. Fantastic.