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What if I told you
about a legend of a long forgotten magic power
That lived far beyond from mortal poems
In a cold and frozen land far up north

At dark nights when the stars are painting
the frame for the nightly orchestration
Whispering the arrival of an endless blue
and green dancing wave with magic crowns

Stronger than a dream and higher
than an angel could ever fly
The frosty bridge between ancient gods
and human kind are being opened

And old power, magic and wisdom will float through
the veins of the ones that stands upon the mountain
lifting their arms up to the frosty flames
Singing a tune that brings the wolves to silence

What if I told you …
That the legend is true
All you have to do is to believe
and embrace the power of the Northern Lights
The frosty bridge does show in a time
when days are dark and velvet blue
In the cold land far north

… Where the nights still dance

© Sirenia 2012