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Flying on the wings of a dreamy mist
I sigh, close my eyes and smile
I am off to live and not just exist
a scent of velvet night, so fragile

I just dont know what makes me wake up
to this indifferent world and dirty rain
I let my mind wander as I fill my coffeecup
getting ready to walk with the dead again

… For the humming of flies and smell of roses
and the seagulls flight over water`s deep
For the shades of the green trees that poses
and roar of waterfalls that never sleep

For shady glades and sunny hills
and golden fields where we have run
For the joy of a child playing by the mills
with the taste of raspberry on her tounge

For the moons reflection in the river
swept over the spear of a lonely church
For the morning dew droplets that quiver
and owlets that dance in the light of a torch

For those who choose the pain of living
and chasing storms around them whirled
For tortured souls – and yet forgiving
still helps the skies to bear this world

Deep breath in my lungs as the vision`s dying
Those never fail who never dare
Cried for by none and cursed, we were just trying
to dream of what you`re not aware

Of a soft breeze embracing lovers
and butter melting into warm bread
Of high mountains and soft flowers
yet nothing matters to the dead …

© Sirenia 2011
© Photo Stelios Mpatz