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While I am re writing some stuffs I wrote during my abcense from WordPress, I want to share something with you.
I don’t only love words but I am also extremely passionate about music. As long as I can remember music made my blood rush, made me feel alive. And I was able express myself in ways my words could not.
And my world became a bit brighter.
Every time I am in a bok store or a music store – I feel this expectation, this tingeling in my stomach, that something good is about to happen. A satisfaction of some kind wich I can’t find somewhere else. You know the 5 year old kid in a candy store? The shining eyes, smile on the face jumping up and down? I feel like that kid.

Anyway, enough talk and over to what I wanted to share.
One of my favourite bands, Katatonia, has just released(finally!) a new album and the song I share is really beautiful.
It got under my skin.
Hopefully you will like it also.