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… and the gift I bestowe
upon you my child
the shame, the guilt
the blame and the grieve;
it is yours to keep and only yours
as it will always keep alive
the pain of your soul slowly dying
as it is being raped
over and over again
from cradle to grave
I give to you
my dear daughter
the gift that
keeps on giving

© Sirenia 2016
© Photo Unknown


*Being a daughter of a narcissistic mother is never easy. It makes you question your sanity at all times, convinced you are the guilty one for all the wrongs in her life.
And it also drives you to the brink of madness of all the crosses I had to bear for her. All the blame, the shame, the guilt. And it never ends. Thats why I call it the gift that keeps on giving.
Another poem I wrote wich is related to this are called Gunpoint

~ Sirenia ~