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The wind dances around my feet
lifting veils of white crystals
My warm breath makes frosty clouds
falling to the ground light as snow

The stars are spred by the wind
filling the nightsky`s dark sea
They shed their silver tears
over the land with dim shadows

The cry of a lonely owl
echoes in the forest depths
And the wolf`s glowing eyes
fades among the dark trees

A distant sound of a horn is heard
along with rumbeling hoofs
The ancestor`s mighty army
is riding majestic over the sky

My voice breaks the dark night
and the silence of the winter
I call the name of the Elders
Hear me – and listen to my call

© Sirenia 2012
© Photo Boredpanda

*As a kid I used to do this often when the night sky exploded in green, slow dancing waves. I was convinced it was a portal to the gods(I have no idea why I believed so, but I did)and I used to stretch my arms up and call for them to take me up with them. Apparently it never happened, I am still here – even how hard I wished for it and also how loud I yelled. And I still have my imagination 🙂
And yes, I know it is a bit absurd to post stuff about winter and northern lights in the mids of summer but hey, who cares? 🙂