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Metal Wall Art Abstract Modern Handmade Angel Wing

She had seen him for a while. Did not dare to hope he had seen her too. Pretended everything was ok, no worries, no sorrows. Did not need anyone, could cope on her own. Put her wings around her body and protect herself – that was the one thing she could do best.
She was a wounded bird. Rich in experience, both positive and negative. Had given away her wings earlier and had got them in return – worn out, dirty and full of holes. “Never again” was her thought – at that time. And it turned out that way. No one could get close; no one could touch her wings anymore. She clung to them, terrified of losing.

Then one day he was there. “Hi” he said and she was standing a little hesitant and unsecure. Had he seen her anyways? “Can I help you?” she said. Still awaiting and felt the wings embrace the body more tightly. He pulled his hand through his hair, took a step closer and a cautious smile settled over his face as he said “There is something I`m not capable to do … I think you might be able to help?”
That`s how it all started. Slowly but surely, they approached each other. They used the time to get to know each other. Afraid of getting hurt again.

“If I give you my wings … will you fly away from me?” It was a thought that constantly was buzzing around in her head. Afraid to ask – afraid of what the answer might be. Maybe it was for the best to keep it on the level they had. No hurt feelings, no expectations. He could not possibly want anything else than a friendship with her.

“Would you come to visit me one weekend?” The words slowly fell towards her and she felt her heart almost stopped. Scared, but at the same time she felt the joy bubble. But then again, he did probably not mean it. Or did he? She looked closely at his eyes, looking for that special little sign that made her sure in her suspicions that he was not serious. His dark eyes looked firmly back on her own eyes, completely devoid of irony and wicked thoughts. He was serious.

“yes”. The answer came like a silent breath almost before she had the time to think about it. He made himself more comfortable there he sat and she could almost hear how his mind worked behind his smooth forehead. She could see his joy spread over his face and she felt something broke inside herself. It was some of the ice that melted by the warmth she felt spread inside her. For a long time her heart had been covered in ice. Now it was starting to melt.

“Did you have a good time”? He looked at her from the side. Gravel crunched under their shoes and a little further on, they could see the street lights are lit. The trip in the forest had been great, even though it was getting dark.

She did not answer at once. They had been together for two days now. Two days where she had felt free, smiled and laughed out loud. When was the last time she had done that?

She stopped at the first street lantern and turned against him. “I have had a great time. You are like medicine to me”. She turned abruptly and took a few quick steps until he caught her and pulled her close to his body. She refused to look up, so he put a finger under her chin and almost forced her to look at him.
The wind came and blew some hair out on her face; he moved his gaze up and stroked her hair gently away as he asked: “Will you be mine?”And while the wind made the shadows of the trees to dance slowly and the moon to be free from clouds, she knew the answer;

“I`ll give you my wings.”

© Sirenia 2012
© Photo Metal Wall Art

I wrote this several years ago, its actually one of the first things I ever wrote.